Uberlist 2011

by Tabitha Kidwell

Some of you may remember last January when I facebook posted my uberlist: 111 goals for 2011. I found this idea somwhere on the internet last year, and I really love making lists, so I thought I would give it a try. Now that I organize and number it, I realize that there were only 110 goals. Oops. Lets see how I did otherwise (crossed out means I completed it, parenthesis in italicsare comments from today)…

1. Install new mac operating system & Smartboard software on laptop.
2. Back up files on external hard drive
3. Use hand-me-down kindle
4. Use hand-me-down iPod touch
5. Request to be removed from e-mail lists so my inbox will not be flooded with junk
6. Get one of the printers to work (instead we just sold the printers at the garage sale…)
7. Download / learn to use skype

8. Finish crocheting violet blanket. (didn’t touch the thing, haven’t since 2004)
9. Frame front page of Columbus Dispatch from day Barak Obama got elected. (and it hung on the wall for 5 months too, but now is in my parent’s basement)
10. Make FabWrap prototype (one of these days)
11. Hem jeans
12. Mend tents
13. Decorate for all holidays (close enough, stupid goal anyways.)

14. Save 10% of salary (thanks only to the fact that I now have almost no expenses)
15. Buy used whenever possible (what a vague goal… “whenever possible” is always, really…)
16. Figure out retirement savings plan (Oooh not so good… I have money in like 4 accounts.  I’m sure it’s doing great.  Maybe I’ll do that next year)
17. Run credit report 3 times annually (Also not good… hope it’s still okay too)
18. Use up all groupons, stop buying new ones  (this was way easier and more fun than the goals above)

19. Two trash cans of rotting food scraps in back yard. (not as gross as we thought it was going to be, either)
20. Non-essential/sentimental belongings, put rest in storage
21. Have garage / moving sale (and it was amazing!)
22. Donate old prom dresses to prom charity

23. Take weekend retreat (Yellow springs?)  (every weekend is like a weekend retreat now… but I don’t think I can count it)
24. Prayer/silent time 2 times / week. (YES!  Every morning now!)
25. Attend church even when crossroads is not happening (I think I did that once or twice)

26. Keep 1 plant alive for 6 months
27. Run, empty & re-load dishwasher immediately (I no longer have a diswasher… but I think I got a little better at this in the Spring)
28. Be on time 90% of time (totally not an issue in Indonesia… I arrive 5 minutes late to everything and am the first person there)
29. Improve handwriting (I really tried hard)
30. Stop speeding (Score! I don’t think there are speed limits in Indo, and if there are, I’m certainly not hitting them on my Scoopy)
31. Take out trash, recycling before it is overflowing (ooh, I didn’t improve on this in America or Indo.  Worse now that it attracts ants and cockroaches.)
32. Spend less than 15 minutes/day on Facebook. (so didn’t do this… definately increased my facebook time instead, but it is my lifeline home so now I think this is a stupid goal.)
33. Wake up when alarm rings (Still don’t.  Haven’t since I started using an alarm clock, don’t know why I should now)
34. Learn how to jump start a car (Don’t have a car now, so not really an issue)

35. Make website
36. Make facebook group
37. Participate
38. Raise $2500 (I had high hopes… but $700 was pretty sweet… and the whole month was fun!)
39. Hold benefit

CAREER: (I rocked this category!)
40. Apply to ELF program
41. Tell KMS I am leaving.
42. Move to… (Indonesia!  I didn’t even know a year ago so it was left blank!  Crazy!)
43. Write thank you notes to people at KMS who have helped me
44. Pack up & sort through teaching stuff

45. Go to 4 concerts of bands I have never seen live before. (only 2)
46. Listen to albums instead of just songs I like from the radio.
47. Sell my oboe. 😦
48. Learn one (easy) song on the guitar

JEOPARDY:  (started out strong in January, then totally slacked.  i copied this category verbatim for next year, hopefully I’ll do better then)
49. Learn US Presidents in order
50. (Re)Learn World Capitals
51. Learn US state capitals
52. Learn names, main characters & plot summaries of Shakespere’s plays
53. Learn English monarchs
54. Learn periodic table of the elements
55. Take Jeopardy online test

56. Read 20 books (4 in French, 4 in Spanish) (okay, I finished 15%[according to my kindle] of Tess of the D’Ubervilles in 2012, but I had already read 19% of The Secret Life of Words:  How English became English, so I’m going to count it! Oh, and I didn’t read a single book in French or Spanish, but that was like two goals in 1.  Hey, maybe that’s what puts me at 111)
57. Re-join audible & listen to audiobooks
58. Practice French 1 hour per week. (I don’t know how I thought I was going to do this)
59. Practice Spanish 1 hour per week (This one either)
60. Learn basics of a new language (and more!)
61. Memorize 4 poems (I still think a good goal, though I didn’t do a thing towards it in 2011)
62. Complete EDU T&L 868
63. Complete EDU T&L 874
64. Complete EDU T&L 8925.56
65. Pass masters Exam
66. Get masters degree
67. Read half of the New Yorkers I receive (This is probably the hardest goal on the list, seriously!)
68. Resubscribe to Economist internationally (Or on the iPad!)

69. Lose 10 pounds (only because I gained it firsst, but it counts)
71. Take daily mutli-vitamin, fish oil & calcium supplement
72. Wear sunscreen everyday
73. Be in bed (reading or whatever) by 10 PM (totally accomplished by moving to Indo!)
74. Heal ankle injuries (How did I think I would miraculously do this?  It’s better, but now I have injuries on the other foot.  Who knows when my runner feet will ever be back to normal… but they still work)

75. Eat a more anti-inflammatory diet
76. Cook dinner 2 times/week
77. Make 10 new recipes
78. Put Internet recipes I like in recipe book.
79. Learn to cook steak

80. Run across golden gate bridge
81. Run Marathon
82. Run half-marathon
83. Run 5K
84. Run at least one race wearing funny hat/outfit (Flying pig hat in Cinci!)
85. Be able to de 20 pushups (I can now, but it’s still wicked hard!)
86. Do yoga 3 times/week (again, thanks to moving to Indo)

PERSONAL: (Rocked this category too!)
87. Learn signature joke that isn’t dirty/racist
88. Get laser hair treatment on armpits
89. Write in Journal 4 times/week
90. Write thank you/goodbye notes to important people before leaving

91. Record Grandmother’s life story (next year, I promise!)
92. Take Erin to astrologer (Want to go next year, Erin?)
93. Write one personal letter/week (great goal but I didn’t write even one)
94. Be nicer to Eddie George. (I was, I swear!  to clarify, this is my sister’s cat.)
95. Write letters to LaVida participants
96. Be supportive to Erin pre-wedding
97. Get Nana Bets on Westminster Thurber waiting list  (Unclear if she is or isn’t, or if this is necessary…)

98. Take someone who would appreciate it to the 11th floor reading room at the OSU main library.  (I took Nana Bets!  She loved it!)
99. Win trivia at Grandview Café.  (Oh man… we tied for first on the last night we were there in August, then lost in the tiebreaker.  We are #5 all time scoreres from that almost perfect game, though… can’t believe we didn’t make this goal!)
100. Build snowman  (yay!)
101. Hold going away party
102. Go on road trip with no pre-determined destination (still want to do this… next July, anyone?)
103. Finish a Wednesday NYT crossword without looking at the answers. (Thanks to everyone who helped me!)
104. Skydive (sometime soon!)
105. Catch the bouquet at a wedding (thanks Erin!)
106. Participate in eating competition
107. Attend Ohio State Fair (Thanks Nate!)
108. Attend ethnic festival  (Can I count Comfest?  Is ‘hippie’ an ethnicity?)
109. Watch movies up for best picture oscar (Yes, but it took all year… a good goal, but I am just not much of a movie watcher)
110. Take more O-H-I-O pics (totally, thanks to Jackie and Katie, fellow Ohioans in Indonesia!)


So… grand total:  70/110 goals, or 64%.  Pretty good, I think, especially since some of these goals were vague or multi-part.  Next year, I plan to sub-divide better.   A lot were accomplished purely by dint of moving to Indonesia and the original goal not really applying anymore, but that is okay.  What a fun and successful year!  Thanks to everyone who helped with the goals… hopefully you can help in 2012, too!

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  1. Impressive, Tabita!

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