Back to Salatiga

by Tabitha Kidwell

After 6 weeks of traveling, I was ready to get back to Salatiga last week. I was excited to stop living out of a suitcase, to wear different clothes, to cook my own food, to get back into a normal exercise routine, etc. In short, I was excited to return to normal life. My return was even better than expected, though, thanks to a couple of things that had happened while I was away:

1. A beautiful organic grocery store opened up just down the street from me! And, the main grocery store in town added an organic produce section. Especially now that I have a salad spinner (thanks, Mom!) I can now eat all the fresh, organic fruit and veggies I want! I really appreciate this after quite a few fried meals while traveling. I loved it at the time, but it’s time to eat healthy again.

2. A yoga studio opened up! This was great in principle, but I went to a class and it was… not yoga. It was similar, but with jerky movements between poses and lots of breath holding, two things I’ve always been told NOT to do in Yoga. So I won’t be going back to the yoga studio, but I’m happy that it exists.

3. I had 2 packages waiting, and 3 more arrived in the next week! I am totally stocked for the rest of my time here, with over 6 pounds of whole wheat pasta, 5 packages of sour patch kids, 3 bags of jelly beans, 4 packages of reese’s peanut butter cups, probably $100 worth of sugar free gum, and so many more goodies! People did a really good job of reading my wish list!

4. My new road bike arrived from Singapore. I bought it in Jakarta a few weeks ago with my friend Jackie, who actually bought the same bike. We are going to use them to train for the Bintan Triathlon on May 26! I’ve also become a member at the fancy hotel in town so that I can use their pool. (Only $60 for 3 months!) So I am getting in shape in a big way!

Beyond all these big changes and visible improvements, I also have started making smaller changes myself. After visiting and traveling with friends, I was reminded how nice it is to spend time with other people. That sounds a little crazy, but I think I got a little too isolated last semester. The past 2 years, I have been working full time, getting my masters degree, coaching cross country and track, training for marathons, volunteering at church, and trying to squeeze in a social life. So when I got here, I really relished having free time to read, meditate, and spend time alone. But I think I took it a little too far – there would be days when I would go out for a run in the morning, then wouldn’t even leave my house for the rest of the day! So I’m making more efforts to build relationships here in town. I met my Indonesian friend Sasha for lunch (though then I learned she is moving to Jakarta). I got back in touch with some American girls who are here studying Indonesian, and have started going to their house to watch downloaded episodes of The Bachelor. I cooked pizza with my counterpart’s family. Rather than sit around all day surfing Facebook and reading my kindle, I’ve made myself leave the house and go to coffee shops and restaurants… where I surf Facebook and read my kindle in. At least I get out of the house! As an added bonus, I discovered this amazing place that has oreo blizzards to rival Dairy Queen. In fact, I’m going to go get one right now! Yes, it is definitely good to be back!

One Comment to “Back to Salatiga”

  1. That’s a sexy bike ;). Welcome home!

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