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June 8, 2012

Sampai Nanti, Salatiga…

by Tabitha Kidwell

I’m here in the Jakarta Airport at Starbucks (or, as I like to think of it, the American Embassy) waiting to leave Indonesia! I can’t believe this day is here already! It seems like just yesterday I was packing and trying to learn Indonesian from my iPod. I’m so excited to be going home, but I’m also excited to be coming back in August. My students and colleagues had a bunch of end-of-year celebrations for me, and I couldn’t imagine having my final goodbye celebrations! The last few weeks since the triathlon were crazy with grading and good-byes (or see-you-laters, I kept saying). I’m totally exhausted, but I better sleep on the plane, because I have an exciting few weeks ahead of me. I’m en route now to Corfu, Greece (via Abu Dhabi and Berlin on a brutal 36-hour itinerary) to meet my lovely and vivacious friend Libby Cox. Libby and I were in the Peace Corps together, and now she is teaching English at an International school in Morocco. The original plan was for me to come visit Lib in Rabat, but she decided she needed a vacation, too, so we’re meeting on a Greek isle for 5 days! Libby and I traveled together on the way home from Madagascar, too – 2 weeks of mayhem in Italy. Now that we’re older and wiser… I predict we will cause the same amount of mayhem but now be able to afford more drinks! I see this going very well…

After Corfu, I will fly to France to meet my friend Suzi (also from the Peace Corps and also privy to the mayhem in Italy) who now lives in Dijon, France with her husband and son. After the Peace Corps, Suzi and I lived in France for a year, so we will reenact the wine-drinking and cheese-eating of that year! And then I will go to TaizĂ©, an ecumenical monastery in Dijon that invites young people to come and sing, pray, and connect to God through silence. I’ll be there two weeks – the second week totally in silence! I think it’ll be a great way to process and cap off this incredible year!

So I have some incredible adventures ahead of me. But the truth is, these travels aren’t the most exciting thing coming up. I’ve traveled so much this year, and have been to so many amazing places, that now exciting and exotic is the new normal. My friends often say things like “I envy you, your life is so exciting.” I do appreciate the sentiment and their support, and I do feel really blessed. I’m certainly not complaining. But in truth, right now I’m envying them! What am I excited about? Getting home to Columbus, Ohio on July 2! Eating hot dogs at baseball games, having Stella Artois at happy hour, going to Panera with my grandma, going on runs with my friends. I can’t wait to have normal, boring life again. Enough adventure for me… at least until next August!