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June 9, 2012

Western Civ 101

by Tabitha Kidwell

Maybe the best part of traveling is coming home again. Thinks you took for granted before are like miracles now! Currently in the middle of a 10 hour layover in Berlin, I am completely overwhelmed by the wonders of western civilization. For example:

When I was a kid, I used to dream of a water fountain that distributed chocolate milkshake. Now, I am amazed that they dispense potable water. My dreams have gotten so small…

The breakfast served to me on the Air Berlin flight blew me away. No wonder Indonesian people don’t understand why westerners like bread so much… it’s because they have never tasted bread like this! It was warm and crusty and delicious, and it came with real butter and cheese! And the coffee! After a year in a country of sugary sweet instant coffee (ironically, coffee in Java is terrible – the good stuff is all exported), I am now a black coffee drinker. Why would you put anything in there? It’s so amazing already! Of course, then I took a bite of the melon and promtly spat it out. Tasteless! Why bother! I could find better melons than that sitting on the side of the road in Indonesia. So, to tally up: Indonesia, 1; Western civilization, 2.

There are tall, attractive men everywhere. Just walking around. In the wild. It used to be, I would get excited to see just one at the Semarang airport. I’m really trying hard not to leer or look like I’m about to eat a steak around all these European hotties, but it’s really hard.

The air is different here. I left the terminal and am sitting in a patch of grass by the car park. It’s 8:15 AM, and the air has a cool crispness to it. It feels like spring. I guess it still is spring here. Seasons! Brilliant!

In Indonesia, I developed an unhealthy obsession with the red Wall’s ice cream coolers. And what did I find in the Berlin airport but…

And the internet is so fast! I love it here! The only thing that could make me leave the Berlin airport is a dream vacation on a Greek Isle… 😉