On the Way Home Part One: Greek Isle

by Tabitha Kidwell

In The Odyssey, Odysseus’ last stop on his voyage home was the island of Corfu. It was the first stop on my journey, but I could see pretty easily how the island could earn a cameo in a Greek epic. I met up with my friend Libby and her friend Natalie, both of whom teach at an International School in Rabat, Morrocco, and we basically spent a whole week in Agios Gordios, a tiny little tourist stop on the Ionian Sea.

It was BEAUTIFUL. We didn’t do all that much – basically just ate delicious food…

…and hung out on the beach…

… and one day, we took a hike.

But the real adventures involved a guy named Mikael. The sign outside his restaurant enticed us:

What was so special about the Greek dancing? We would soon find out, and also learn that not only the dancing was special! We walked in, sat down, and Mikael greeted us and invited us to the kitchen to see the specials. He showed us dish after mouthwatering dish, explaining that almost all the ingredients came from his farm. He even invited us to come milk the goats! I assume this a a schtick he does with all the tourists, and it worked – we were charmed. Most people, though, probably don’t agree to actually come milk the goats. But first, the dancing:

Then, the farm:

It was an amazing week in Greece! Next, I spent a couple days with my friend Suzi and her family in Dijon, France. This included my first ever one-on-one babysitting of a toddler. As you can see from this photo, he is still alive:

And next I spent two weeks in the Taizé community in Burgandy… for more on that, see the next post!

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