October Rain

by Tabitha Kidwell

There are at least 3 posts on my Facebook newsfeed referencing the weather in America. Snow in Colorado! Raining for the Saturday morning run in Columbus! Unseasonably warm in the northeast! We Americans seem to be endlessly amused/chagrined by the ever-changing jet stream.

When I explain American weather to Indonesian people, they are always a bit baffled. “So, it can be rainy and cold one day, then warm and sunny the next? Any time of year?” The idea that weather could change so drastically and so often is a new and foreign concept. Being that weather is basically the same here, day after day, small talk about the weather is pretty pointless. No one really asks “How’s the weather?” “How about that rain?” “Cold out there, huh?” because it would lead to the most boring conversation ever.

That is, except for right about now. The dry season has been dragging on since April and it’s just been getting hotter and hotter and dustier and dustier. People keep saying “It’s hot!” then fanning themselves ineffectively with a sweaty hand. “We need rain,” then say, and I agree. There is a drought so severe that entire dammed-up reservoirs now look like this:

And the rushing river that usually runs through the grounds of the fancy hotel where I work out now looks like this:

Though when I was there yesterday morning, it had a trickle of water flowing, making me think it was raining somewhere upstream.

Then, today as I was riding my Scoopy home from a Batik shopping spree, a drop of rain hit my face. Then another. And another. I sang an impromptu “Hallelujah” that I hope other people couldn’t hear while I was moving. I was super excited! No one else seemed to notice, though. Except the random Bule I pulled up next to at a stop light. I looked over, and she had the same silly grin on her face that I did.

“How about that rain?” she said.

Yep, pretty exciting.

One Comment to “October Rain”

  1. Great blog post on the weather!  You write so well!  Thanks and have a good weekend!


    ~  Liz England


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