Uberlist 2012

by Tabitha Kidwell

It’s that time of year again! Uberlist time! Lets see how I did this year!

1. Change passwords to be more secure (if by more secure, you mean they are all the exact same combination of letters & numbers, definitely!)
2. Add addresses to e-mail contact list
3. Join Google + (Anyone know the point of google+?)

4. Do a little work on Violet Blanket while home (I should just throw the thing out!)

5. Figure out retirement savings plan (I did open a Roth IRA, but that just means that I now have like 5 different accounts I should consolidate or something)
6. Run credit report 3 times annually (Didn’t really do this either)

7. Finish Course in Miracles (Ok, it is taking forever. Next year.)
8. Begin ‘Bible in 3 years’ plan (also next year)
9. Spend 2 weeks at Taize (and it was awesome!)
10. Do weekend meditation course at Mendut Buddhist Temple

11. Improve signature
12. Respond to e-mails within 48 hours (Mostly)
13. Take Scoopy in for required maintenance
14. Adjust mirrors on Scoopy every time I ride (So didn’t do this)
15. Stop doing that thing on my motorcycle where I don’t look both ways on purpose because I think if I don’t look, nothing will be there. (um…)

16. Teach Speaking 2 spring semester
17. Teach Media in Language Teaching sp. Semester

18. Do 1 lecture per month for students at STAIN
19. Do 1 lecture per month for teachers at STAIN (close enough)
20. Do 1 program every 2 months at American corner IAIN Semarang
21. Do 1 program every 2 months at American corner UGM Yogya
22. Do 1 program every 2 months at American corner UMY Yogya (These are all way too aggressive goals that would have been overkill. I did enough presentations, FOR SURE!)
23. Read all issues of Forum
24. Finish article on Student-Centered teaching
25. Write article on common mistakes (Ug, I did all the data analysis and just need to write it but it is like the most boring thing ever)
26. Write article on interventions to common mistakes (didn’t even start)
27. Get an article published somewhere besides Register
28. Present at a conference besides TEFLIN (Yeah, like so many. I am conferenced out.)
29. Renew in Indonesia (here I am!)
30. Figure out a job for fall 2013 (Ugh!)
31. Go to 2 concerts of bands I have never seen live before. (CD101 Summerfest! Thanks Nate!)
32. Learn one (easy) song on the guitar (Come as you are, Nirvana. Super easy!)

33. Learn US Presidents in order
34. (Re)Learn World Capitals
35. Learn US state capitals
36. Learn names, main characters & plot summaries of Shakespere’s plays
37. Learn English monarchs
38. Learn periodic table of the elements (Yeah… I’m more accumulating general knowledge rather than memorizing this stuff.)
39. Take Jeopardy online test (And I passed… but couldn’t make it home for the audition. Next time!)

40. Read 20 books (I read like 25 last spring, and like 2 this fall. Not sure what I’ve been doing instead. Mad Men and The Wire maybe?)
41. Read The Language Instinct
42. Read Madame Bovary in French (Still on the kindle, I’ll get to it!)
43. Re-read Le Petit Prince in French
44. Re-read l’étranger in French
45. Read La Casa de los Espiritus in Spanish
46. Re-read Cien años de Soledad in Spanish
47. Read Maria in Spanish (This was not the year for Spanish)
48. Finish Bahasa Indonesia level 3 at UKSW
49. Begin Bahasa Indonesia level 4 at UKSW
50. Finish Basic Indonesian book with Pak H. (I haven’t studied BI all fall either. What happened to my free time?)
51. Begin to study Arabic
52. Memorize 4 poems

HEALTH: (Rocked this category!)
53. Chew food longer
54. Avoid overeating to the point of discomfort
55. Visit Dr. Miely (dentist) once
56. Visit Dr. Ansel (dermatologist) once
57. Visit Dr. Benjamin (general) once
58. Visit Dr. Lawyer (chiropractor) once
59. Get massage from Jayne Wilson

60. Do 18 mile marathon training run
61. Do 19 mile marathon training run
62. Do 20 mile marathon training run
63. Run Marathon (Ooh… so didn’t end up doing a marathon this year. Bali 2013?)
64. Run 5K
65. Hike Mt. Merbabu (Thanks, Jon!)
66. Hike Mt. Merapi

67. Chop off hair
68. PERSONAL GOAL (that I so did NOT accomplish! Bummer.)
69. Write two blog posts per month
70. Turn 30 without complaining out loud (Complain? I loved it!)

71. Record Grandmother’s life story (Still want to do this, but when I brought it up I think it freaked her out.)
72. Visit Katie (she came to C-Bus instead)
73. Go somewhere fun with the Tipsy Chicks (Kelley’s Island! Where are we going next year?)
74. Visit Baby Gohr (Didn’t make it to Cinci…)
75. Visit Baby Zaranac (Eva! Love her!)
76. Visit Baby Kiefer (Didn’t make it to Cinci…)
77. Visit Ella Walker (So cute)
78. Meet KMS students for Bastille Day Reuinion

79. Take a picture in Indonesia with the Columbus Dispatch & send it in (Yeah Katie!)
80. Get open water diving certification (And my advanced too!)
81. Go to Gednung Songo (And I’ve been like 3 times now!)
82. Go to Dieng Plateau (Amazing!)
83. Go to Bromo (Underwhelming)
84. Go to Pacitan (Next year)
85. Go to Jamu Jago tour in Semarang
86. Do Jamu tour in Yogya (I think I must have just learned about Jamu last December. Why was I so into it?)
87. Go to Affandi museum in Yogya
88. Go to Sulawesi
89. Go to Kalimantan
90. Go to Sumatra
91. Go to Lombok
92. Go to Singapore

93. Go to Red, White, and Boom (Way too tired after getting back from Europe!)
94. Go to a Clippers game (Thanks, Debbie!)
95. Go to Ohio State Fair (It’s becoming a tradition)
96. Go to UA 4th parade
97. Go to Doo Dah Parade
98. Go to Zoombeezi Bay (Why did I want to go there again?)
99. Go to Gallery Hop (Thanks, Erin, Angie, and Allison!)
100. Visit Camp Akita
101. Watch all the films nominated for best oscar
102. Go on road trip with no pre-determined destination (Still my dream!)
103. Eat brown rice at Chipotle (Like the first day I was home!)
104. Eat at La Casita (With Valerie!)
105. Eat all 5 daily specials at Press Grill
106. Eat at North Star Café
107. Eat at Figlio
108. Eat at Dirty Frank’s
109. Eat at Taste of Bali (Hard to do since they went out of business…)
110. Eat beef jerkey & drink a Stella Artois at Char Bar (Always classy)
111. Finish a Thursday NYT crossword without looking at the answers. (Success!)
112. Write Uberlist 2013 (Get ready for tomorrow’s post!)

Totals? Drumroll please…. 68/112, or a 61%. Thanks to grade inflation, that is a C here, so I’m totally satisfactory! I’ll take it… it’s been a very busy year!

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