Jeopardy Online Test January 2013

by Tabitha Kidwell

I love Jeopardy. It’s a major life ambition to get on there. In the next 10-20 years, my knowledge will continue to grow, but I will get gradually less attractive. I hope to go on the show at the intersection of those two – the sweet spot where I have the most knowledge possible before the middle age spread takes over and my face starts to sag. I take the online text every time I can, more for practice than because I think I will actually get an audition – though I did get an audition last time! Unfortunately, I was in Indonesia and it was a bit of a trip. But that makes me think there is hope for the future.

Anyways, I took the online screening test again this morning. It’s 50 short answer questions, and you have 15 seconds to answer each. Spelling doesn’t count, you don’t have to phrase your answer in the form of a question, and there is no penalty for guessing or benefit to answering quickly. I try to make notes about the questions so I can check my answers later – usually I can answer in 5-10 seconds, then jot something down with the extra time. Some day when I really get serious, I’ll have a friend watch over my shoulder to write the questions down. I thought it might be interesting to share the questions, If you’re wondering what the test is like. These are paraphrases of the questions (er, answers, I guess, since its backwards) as best as I remember.

1. This the title character of Charlotte Bronte’s best known work. (Jane Eyre)
2. She hosts Project Runway. (Heidi Klum)
3. This man patented the polio vaccine in 1955. (Salk. I said Pasteur DUMB!)
4. This country is bordered by Sudan to the south and Libya to the west. (Egypt)
5. This university is in Ithica, New York. (Cornell)
6. This Queen began her long reign in 1838. (Victoria. I can’t believe it, but I said Elizabeth! DUMBER!)
7. This character, king of the Fairies, played with Puck. (Category: Shakespeare) (Oberon, but I didn’t know)
8. Steve Ballner is the CEO of this technology company. (Microsoft. I said Google. 😦 )
9. He was afflicted with boils by Satan (Cateogry: Bible book title characters) (Job. I kill at the bible categories.)
10. It’s the alcoholic ingredient in Cuba Libre. (Rum. Thank goodness I do plenty of research in this category)
11. An counting device using beads (Category: 6-letter words) (Abacus, got the Joy Formidible stuck in my head)
12. It’s the capital of Ukraine. (Kiev, I’ve known that I watched Oksana Baiul figure skate in 1994!)
13. This book is set in Panem. (Hunger Games! Duh!)
14. While in prison from 1895-1897, he spent most of his time reading Gaol. (Didn’t know, but it was Oscar Wilde.)
15. In year XXXX, the first of these wars between Rome and Carthage began. (Didn’t know this one either – Punic wars)
16. It’s the name of the aptly-named robot on Mars. (Was on a bad streak here. Couldn’t remember enough details from the question to find the answer, but maybe “curiosity”)
17. This painter is most famous for Number 9: 1949 (or something like that) (Jackson Pollock, I can’t believe I missed it after getting an A+ in Art History in college!)
18. Woodward and Bernstein became famous while working for this paper. (Washington Post)
19. It precedes pumpernickel and letter (Category: Colorful Language) (Scarlet)
20. Celie was that main character of this 1982 novel. (The Color Purple. I read it in the peace corps!)
21. This “grew” to be Zyngas best-selling game in 2010. (Farmville)
22. He published 11/22/63 in 2012 (Steven King – Got this one with a last second guess. Good thing his name is so short!)
23. This is the birthstone of July (Ruby, but I said Garnet. Grr)
24. Mt. Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America, is located in this mountain range. (The Andes. Thank goodness I have a former life as a Spanish teacher.)
25. In 2011, she was “Rolling in the Deep” (Category: Pop stars) (Adele)
26. He wrote Heart of Darkness. (Conrad. Thanks, 11th grade English)
27. Watson and Crick are credited with this discovery. (DNA. Thanks, 11th grade Chemistry)
28. Its the capital of Wisconsin. (Madison)
29. He composed the Four Seasons. (Vivaldi)
30. Azure Sneaker (Category: Rhyme Time) (Blue Shoe)
31. Canada’s postal code PE refers to this eastern province. (Prince Edward Island. Thanks, Anne of Green Gables!)
32. These were the high law of the United States before the constitution was written, from 1781-1789. (Articles of Confederation)
33. In 1991, Slovenia and Croatia seceded from this country. (Yugoslavia – I was reminded of my 2007 trip to Croatia!)
34. Queequag, a tatooed Indian, was a character in this American classic. (I said Last of the Mohicans. It was Moby Dick)
35. This southernmost US state is also one of the smallest by area. (Hawaii – little bit tricky but not so hard)
36. The Real Housewives Series are on this network. (Bravo. Total guess, good thing I got it or I would have been embarrassed the next time I saw my cousin Elizabeth)
37. 4 pecks equal one of these. (Bushel. Now I have Guys & Dolls stuck in my head)
38. Atom number 92, it’s named after a planet and important to nuclear energy. (uranium)
39. This Algerian-born existential author is most famous for his novel The Stranger (Camus! Thanks right, French major!)
40. Fear of foreigners (Category: X Marks the Spot) (Xenophobia)
41. Though often called a sea, this is actually the worlds largest lake, located just east of the Caucasus. (Caspian)
42. This woman, whose real first name was Gabrielle, introduced the Little Black Dress in 1924. (Category: Designing Women) (Chanel. I did a report on her in AP French class!)
43. This Danish explorer of the Siberan coastline lent his name to a strait, an island, and a sea. (I totally blanked on this one. Bering! Duh!)
44. This man was finally elected president of South Africa in 1994. (Mandela)
45. In this book by Alice Sebold, Susie Salmon watches her family after her own untimely death. (The Lovely Bones. Also read this in the Peace Corps!)
46. Andrew Garfield helped resurrect this superhero’s movie franchise. (Spiderman)
47. She was the author of the story Brokeback Mountain. (Missed this, could only think of Ang Lee, the director of the movie. Annie Proulx.)
48. It’s a home for Eagles (Category: Starts with 2 vowels) (Aerie. Thanks to the offshoot of American Eagle that sells skimpy lingerie to the not-yet legal)
(I forgot 2 questions)

Really not that hard, right? I got 36 correct, and really should have gotten 3 more if I hadn’t blanked. I don’t think it’s good enough to get called in this year. But I think I have a few good years of attractiveness left so it’s okay!

3 Comments to “Jeopardy Online Test January 2013”

  1. Good luck! Hope you got enough right to get on the show!

  2. Wow! You definitely got more right than I would have. Like the one about Egypt’s location (pretty embarrassing).

  3. one of the other two you missed was D science words, I believe the right answer was distillation

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