Keeping Closer Tabs

by Tabitha Kidwell

With the new year come new resolutions…

In 2013, I’m going to change up the format of Keeping-Tabs. Recently, blogging has begun to feel like a chore, and I keep procrastinating. I just dread writing and have to force myself to put something up every couple of weeks, or back-date it to make it look like I put something up every couple of weeks. Cheater.

My solution: write more! Sound counterintuitive? Maybe it is, but I’m going to try not to make each blog post into such a big production. Instead of an in-depth essay on Indonesian culture or an entire photo album from my vacation, I’m just going to write a paragraph here and there. What am I doing today? What do I think about (blank)? What did I eat for lunch? Simple, easy, no need to spend hours hammering it out. So instead of having 2-5 blog posts a month, I’ll do maybe 10-15. I think this is more in the spirit of the title “Keeping-Tabs.” Literally, where is Tabitha, and what is she doing?

So let me know what you think over the next couple of weeks! I predict more typos and grammatical mistakes (which I hate, but I’ll get over it) and more vague rambling about the mundane details of my life. TMI? Boring? Self-indulgent? Yes, on all accounts. But hey, no one is forcing you to read! Feel free to return to facebook stalking and cute cat videos at any time!

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