by Tabitha Kidwell

No matter how many Indonesian people I meet, they always seem to say the same things. The order varies, but I get the following questions/comments basically every time I meet someone new:

Where are you from?
You speak Indonesian very well! (This often comes after hearing me say only a handful of words. They are easy to please.)
English is very difficult.
How can I learn English?
Where do you live? (They mean, like, which street, which is creepy in America, but just curiosity here… I think…)
What do you do?
What do you think of Indonesian people? (Duh, they’re awesome!)
Which is better, Indonesia or America? (Duh again… I give the people what they want.)
How old are you?
Do you have children?
Are you married?
You should marry an Indonesian man!

I have perfected the answers to these questions, making me sound like a much better Indonesian speaker than I actually am. I even have a few comedy routines I can throw in (Yes, Obama and I are good friends!… I’d love to marry an Indonesian man, do you know any?) I don’t often get thrown for a loop. But this morning, my horse cart driver and I were making small-talk when he asked “So, are you a virgin?” as if it were the most logical and normal question to ask. I suppose it was, from his point of view, or he wouldn’t have asked it. After 2 years here, it’s amazing how surprises can still come up!

3 Comments to “FAQ”

  1. Hi Tabitha

    I just read this, its awesome, especially the virgin question, they have no mercy here 🙂
    To Germans they say “Hitler” instead of “Obama”, I think we have to do better marketing for Grmany in this country haha


  2. when will you visit indonesia again? id like to meet you. its awesome to read your blog bout my small salatiga. yeah im willing to learn your american english. its hillarious to read your uhm opinion about salatiga, cuz you know i think the same way as you do. anyway id like to be friend too if you dont mind. kik me maybe lol
    have a great day

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