iLove my iPhone

by Tabitha Kidwell

I can’t believe I made it through my last post without mentioning the single most important thing to happen on my trip: I bought an iPhone!

Up until then, I had a flip phone, and I loved being able to decisively pop it closed when ending a call. When I did finally make the switch, I actually felt really sad! I had comically obsolete phones for so long, it had become part of my identity. Luckily, as my dad pointed out, I am still behind the times with my iPhone 4s. Rather than be locked into a contract, I paid cash upfront for the phone and got monthly service with t-mobile. That way, I can put my number on hold and use the same phone abroad whenever I travel. So I bought the 4s once the new 5s and 5c knocked it down to $450. To help with my crappy phone nostalgia a little more, I put the new phone in an otter box so bulky that makes it look like a VHS tape! I also searched for an app to make that noise a flip phone makes when it closes, but, shockingly, it hasn’t been invented yet.

And, honestly, I got over the loss of the flip phone real quickly once I got used to having access to the world at my fingertips! Everything is so easy and wonderful with the iPhone! Some updates from the 21st century:

I now have something to do when I’m out with friends and everyone else is on their phones. Though I’m not totally sure what they are doing on their phones and I mostly just check out the stock photos and backgrounds.

I have joined Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify, Tinder, Pinterest, and Strava. But I don’t really know what each is for or who has time to look at what other people post let alone keep up with their own posting. Also I learned that on LinkedIn, people can see when you look at their profile, so it is really not ideal for the stalking of ex-boyfriends. (Which is of course the first thing I used it for.)

My favorite app is One Second Everyday, which lets you compile one second of each day, so you can watch a year in 6 minutes and a decade in an hour. After seeing Cesar Kuriyama’s TED talk, I knew this would be the first app I purchased! Here is my one second a day video since getting the app:

As you can see, life with an iPhone is pretty exciting! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to post this blog to 7 different social networks.

One Comment to “iLove my iPhone”

  1. That’s a pretty cool app! Thanks for sharing your video so far–so cool to see brief flashes of people I recognized (Jackie and Jess, I think?). I’ll have to get it too, once I get a smartphone (planning on using my Xmas money to buy it).

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