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March 15, 2014

There’s no time like the future…

by Tabitha Kidwell

I had a lot of confusion as I started this “transition year.” I thought I wanted to get a job, even found and interviewed for two jobs I thought were PERFECT, even accepted then un-accepted a Peace Corps position. Throughout the fall, I was pretty miserable and cranky. Now, though, I’m glad that it worked out the way it did. For one, I got to become an expert on ugly Christmas sweaters. For another, if I had applied to and gotten in to some of the schools I thought I wanted, I would have totally ended up in the wrong place. I’m glad I had time to visit schools, take the GRE, and put effort into my applications. All the acceptance and funding info came through in the past month or so, and I’ve decided to go to University of Maryland College Park, just outside of DC! I’ll be in the department of teaching and learning, policy, and leadership, studying second language education, teacher education, and professional development. I’ll live around Columbia Heights, and will be able to take the green/yellow line right out to school. I’m really excited to move there in July and unpack the boxes that have been in my mom’s basement for the past three years. Who knows what treasures they could hold!?!?

But I’m also really excited about the next few months. I have about four weeks left here, then I’ll go meet my friend Jess in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’ll watch her do a half ironman, then we’ll go to the Perhentian Islands for some scuba diving and relaxation. I fly home the day before Easter Sunday, through Beijing on Malaysia airlines, so my itinerary includes the-flight-formerly-known-as-MH370. I got an e-mail last week saying my itinerary had changed, but they had only changed the flight number. Come on, Malaysia Airlines, we know what flight we’re really on. I’d rather keep the original – what are the odds of it going astray twice?

Anyways, my flight home also has a leg that departs Beijing at 10:10 AM and arrives in Chicago at 10:05, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing time travel. I’ll be home for two weeks, then I fly back to Chicago to celebrate my friend Chris’ wedding with all of my college friends! After that, my mom, step-dad and I fly to Paris for a week of sightseeing before mom and I visit my friend Suzi in Dijon then go to pray at Taizé for a week! Then, I drop mom off in Paris and take a train down to Pamplona to walk the Camino de Santiago for a month. Then, I’ll fly home just in time to meet up again with my college friends for our 10-year reunion in Oxford. And then I fly to Colorado for the inaugural Davis-Murphy-Kidwell-D’Ardenne family vacation, including husbands, wives, and dogs (none of them mine). And then I move to DC! I couldn’t plan a more exciting 3 months if I tried!

Unfortunately, the bad thing about an exciting 3 months starting 4 weeks from now is that I’m feeling pretty distracted from life here. Which is crazy, because I an in INDIA, which is super exciting in and of itself. For normal people, living in India would be the most exciting part of the year! For most of my normal years, it would have been. It was really exciting at first – I was blissfully happy, actually. Now, though, the initial thrill has worn off, and the things that are annoying about life anywhere have started to catch up to me. (Why is the checkout so slow? Why is dinner late? Why isn’t it mango season yet?). I’m still happy to be here, but I’m in a bit of a funk. The school schedule has changed to half-days for students because summer is starting, so I’ve started doing a workshop series for the teachers in the afternoon. I’m excited about the work we’re doing, but part of me is already day-dreaming about springtime in Paris, planning my walk across Spain, and scheming about the scooter I will buy in DC. With so much excitement coming up, I kinda just feel like shutting myself up in my room and reading. I’m pretty cranky. I haven’t felt like blogging, studying Marathi, or doing much of anything. But, if there’s anything I’ve learned from this year, it’s the down times, like the amazing, exciting times, are all part of the journey. And sometime the moments when you feel most miserable and cranky lead right into the blissfully happy times. So I’ll make the most of the rest of my time here. It would just really help if mango season would start already!